Help I am Yuko Suzuki 24 year old asian woman in england im trying to make some cornon the cob stir fry but the thing is i ran out of sauce help!!!

Please help i am Yuko Suzuki youtuber and chef and Japanese reporter; I watch youtube video on how to make cornonthecob stir fry and it not call for teryaki sauce but i wonder if I should add some in or not will it ruin the sweetness of the corn please respond asap my husband LOVE stir fry it his faorite in the japanese restuarant cuisine!!! love Yuko xoxoxo PS I KNOW HOW TO MAKE CORN ON COB I HAVE IT IN THIS PICTURE PLEASEE HEP BEFORE IT GET SPOILED! thanks you

Yuko Suzuki
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Maedl March 24, 2016
Yuko, the less you do to corn, the better. At least that is true for corn in the summer in the US. European corn is starchier and less sweet than our corn, but it still doesn't need much seasoning. Corn tastes best on the day it is picked, and the longer between field and cooking pot, the more the flavor disappears.

That said, you don't need any sauce for it. I like to cut the corn off the cob, chop a bit of onion or scallion, toss in a frying pan with butter or olive oil. You could add some chopped bell pepper to this as well. Fry until the onion becomes translucent, add corn, salt and pepper and continue to cook. You can treat it as a stir fry or just put a lid on the pan and let the corn cook for a few minutes over low heat.
Maedl March 24, 2016
An alternative to bell pepper is mint. Chop fresh mint and add to the onions just before you add corn.
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