Does this soup also work well cold?

Debora Schaer


PHIL July 20, 2016
Thanks Susan, good to know
Susan W. July 20, 2016
You're very welcome.
inpatskitchen July 20, 2016
Hi Debora! I think this would be fine served cold...just whisk it well before serving.
Debora S. July 20, 2016
Thank u! It's already in the fridge.
PHIL July 20, 2016
I would message her either in the comments of the recipe or directly to her, you can look up her member profile.
Debora S. July 20, 2016
Thank u
Susan W. July 20, 2016
Just so you know Phil, when you ask the question from the recipe page the way Debora did, it automatically shoots the question to the recipe author.
702551 July 20, 2016
Phil is right, the best practice is to contact the recipe author directly.

First of all, this alerts the author that the recipe might need to be edited in all the places that it is posted (cross-posting recipes on the Internet is very commonplace these days).

Second, on a more practical note, it is hard to remember the individual website practices. One website might automatically alert the recipe author if a question is posted, another website might not. They all probably *should*, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they *do*.

I read too many websites to remember all the practices of each site, so I just take the approach of contacting the author directly first. It saves me the effort of trying to remember which site does what.

At least here, if you publish recipes at Food52, you'll understand the general policy, but many readers here do not upload recipes.
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