Is there an authentic alternative to Tuna that doesn't involve fish? I'm sadly allergic (although shellfish are fine).



Jenny M. September 11, 2016
Green kitchen storys has a resepi for vegan tuna with sunflowerseds.
Nancy September 11, 2016
There are recipes for this dish without the tuna, or with cured pork, semi soft cheeses and hard-cooked eggs. So you don't have to do a direct tuna substitute to get a tasty (and nutritious) dish. For ex:
Natalie R. September 11, 2016
Thank you! I really wanted to make something authentic for my first time trying the dish, so that's very useful to know.
702551 September 10, 2016
Consult your allergist. This is much more a medical question more than a culinary question.
pierino September 10, 2016
If crustaceans are okay, and not just mollusks I would suggest perhaps lobster, langoustine or even cold prawns.
Natalie R. September 11, 2016
Thank you! I can eat crustaceans, so that sounds like a tasty complement to the ingredients in the salad. I think I'll try prawns - perhaps with some olive oil to make up for the "packed in oil" part.
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