Can I bake this tart and store in the fridge a day in advance?

  • Posted by: knees
  • November 22, 2016


Dorie G. November 22, 2016
Cool the tart in the pan. When it reaches room temperature, freeze it just long enough to set it, then wrap it really well. Defrost, sill wrapped, in the refrigerator. I've done this with other ganache tarts and been successful. I'm betting it will work for this tart.
amysarah November 22, 2016
I think this is true - I've never tried freezing a whole one, but I have frozen partial leftover chocolate tarts (not this specific recipe) and it's been fine when defrosted.
AntoniaJames November 22, 2016
Wow, that is so interesting, and good to know! ;o)
Dorie G. November 22, 2016
Normally, as Chef June, said, crusts don't fare so well in the fridge. But this is a nut crust and the filling has to be chilled for a couple of hours anyway, so I think you'll be making it a day ahead. In fact, looking at the ingredients for the filling (I haven't made this recipe), I'm thinking that you could even freeze the tart - something to think about the next time you need a bake-ahead. Happy Thanksgiving -
knees November 22, 2016
The chocolate would survive being frozen? So if I were to bake today and freeze, what would be the best method of defrosting? Thank you!!
ChefJune November 22, 2016
You can, but your crust will not be as crisp. The humidity in the fridge makes it soggy.
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