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A question about a recipe: Jeffrey Morgenthaler's DIY Grenadine

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I have a question about the recipe "Jeffrey Morgenthaler's DIY Grenadine" from Genius Recipes. How long will the grenadine last if adding ounce of vodka?

asked by Melissa 3 months ago
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added 3 months ago

Sounds like you want to store this for more than a month. Recipe suggests, for longer but unspecified keeping, either adding an ounce of vodka to the whole recipe or freezing it.
My guess for the new fridge duration is somewhere between 4 mo and a year, with you checking at intervals and discarding if mold develops.
Maybe longer for freezer storage.
But/and if you think the recipe gives you too much to use conveniently, it would be easy to make half, then make again when you need more.