What is the closest equivalent in the U.S. to the "Type 65" flour that is used in French recipes for bread?

I'm making a seeded artisanal bread, using a recipe from a French blog. Thank you so much.. ;o)



HalfPint June 19, 2017
@AJ, I looked on David Lebovitz's blog for baking equivalents and he wrote that organic Type 65 flour was the closest to American All Purpose, despite what is written on the internet:

AntoniaJames June 19, 2017
Thanks, HalfPint! Good to know. I made the recipe last week using half bread flour and half pizza Tipo 00, mostly because I was low on AP, which I would have used instead of the Tipo 00. (I also substituted 10% whole wheat, because I'm fairly certain that the seeded bread we eat when we're in France contains at least some WWF.)
The bread turned out great, but I've been wondering if it would be even better if I used a flour closer to the Type 65. I'm glad to learn that good old AP is the closest equivalent. I cannot think of a better source to confirm this than David Lebovitz, himself. Thanks again! ;o)
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