What's the difference between farro and wheatberries?



mhyoung66 March 29, 2011
I made this dish tonight and love,love,love it! Will definately make again.
pierino February 21, 2011
Spelt, triticum spelta, fed the Roman legions. By the way, avoid the fim"The Eagle". Marcus and Esca go off to far away Caledonia to bring back the Eagle of the 9th Legion where they meet up with the remnants of the Charlie Daniels Band.
susan G. February 21, 2011
According to www.farro.ca, farro is "Pharaoh's Wheat" also called emmer; preferred by Italians over wheat for pasta. It is over 7000 years old; spelt 5000; kamut 3000.
boulangere February 21, 2011
Farro and kamut are one and the same. It is a great grain for salads, soups, etc. It takes a long time to cook, so factor that in. It isn't gluten-free, but is low in gluten.

susan G. February 21, 2011
The gluten in spelt is described as "weak." I would guess that farro is similar or stronger, so not allowed if a person is strictly gluten free.
pierino February 21, 2011
Farro is a spelt-like grain. Usually sold "perlato" or "pearled" or as flour. Some people who are "gluten intolerant" find it easier to digest than wheat.
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