Can I use this crust recipe for 8x8 pan to make bars instead of a round cheesecake?

Megan Jo
  • Posted by: Megan Jo
  • November 21, 2017


Oh S. November 21, 2017
Yes totally! Make sure you chill it long enough (overnight) before cutting it into squares. :)
figgypudding November 21, 2017
Hi Megan No,

The amount of crust in that recipe should work just fine in a square pan that size. My only concern would be that this crust can be crumbly, which is why it works well in a springform pan. You may have to sacrifice the first bar to get the rest of the bars out easily. Consider it a treat for you to taste.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!
figgypudding November 21, 2017
Eek! Sorry about your name, Megan Jo! Autocorrect has a wicked sense of humor at times.
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