In honor of my friend, who was promoted to an associate professor at Hopkins, his wife is throwing him a brunch next weekend and I offered to bring one of his favorites' Cinnamon Scones. I have been reviewing recipes on-line and in baking books, and I have narrowed my ideas to either scones w/ cinnamon chips or folding a buttery-cinnamon syrup into the batter. I have decided to use a R.L. Beranbaum Scone Recipe and replace "currants" for the cinnamon source...which idea will result in a tastier product?



Kevin September 19, 2010
Here's a recipe for cinnamon scone:
mrslarkin September 19, 2010
Cinnamon chips will be much easier to work with. You can drizzle the tops of the baked scones with a simple cinnamon glaze made with confectioner's sugar, cinnamon and hot water. I agree with Amanda - if you add a syrup to the dough, it will change the consistency and probably won't rise nicely. You can try a cinnamon streusel - that might work nicely. Scone dough is not batter-like though. More like a biscuit dough, so you'll have to kind of layer the streusel in at the end. Maybe press out your dough, lay the streusel on top, fold up like a letter, and cut out your scones.
KitchenKim September 19, 2010
Hi Amanda - Should I make a cinnamon-like strudel instead of a syrup and fold it into the batter at the end? Kim
Amanda H. September 19, 2010
If you fold in a cinnamon syrup (I wouldn't make it too loose or it will change the consistency of the batter -- keep it more paste-like), it will disperse more and likely make them more fragrant.
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