I am using black cod fillets (what was available) do I need to adjust the cooking time since it will be a longer flatter fillet rather than a thic...

...k chunk of sea bass

Renee Foster


Greenstuff January 13, 2018
The recipe suggests quite a range for substitutes, and I think black cod will be a good one. Given tall the vegetables in the packet, I think I’d keep the cooking time the same, or at most I’d cut it by only a minute or two. Black cod can take a little longer cooking better than some other choices.
Renee F. January 13, 2018
And my over cooked fish anxiety is gone. Thank you!
pierino January 13, 2018
Let me just add that you probably wouldn't have been able to find black sea bass anyway. It's protected on the West Coast. Black cod (also called sable fish) is a delicious fish and an excellent substitute.
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