Does anyone have a good recipe for fish charcuterie?

Fish sausage, fish salami, fish pâté... either from a cookbook or a family/personal recipe? Any direction would be appreciated!

  • Posted by: dkv
  • March 19, 2018


Alice October 23, 2022
Try this recipe for naruto chips from TastyJapan on Instagram. Naruto means "whirlpool", and is a Japanese fish sausage tbat has a pink and white swirl, with scalloped edges; very pretty!
702551 March 20, 2018
There's a recipe for seafood sausage in Jacques Pépin's "New Complete Techniques" (2012). Rather than use animal casings, he opts for aluminum foil for this preparation.

He also has a stuff squid recipe in the same book, not sure if that's close enough for your purposes.

I haven't tried either recipe (I don't follow recipes often), but they both look good. Pépin's recipes are well researched and tested, I have no problems pointing people to his.

There's a seafood sausage over at Serious Eats which resembles Pépin's recipe in many ways: basically grind/chop up a bunch of seafood and fish, combine with a binder (heavy cream, egg whites, etc.) with flavorings, put in a casing. The Serious Eats recipe (which uses pork sausage casings) is from a blogger; the level of research and testing is unknown.

I'd stick to the Pépin recipe myself if I were to try one today.

Best of luck.
ChefJune March 20, 2018
I have an exquisite recipe for seafood sausage stuffed in spinach noodle. It's from one of those old "Great Chefs of ____ (Name the city)" cookbooks that accompanied a long ago PBS series. I don't remember which book it's from, and I'm not near my cookbooks right now, but I can look it up and get back to you later if you're interested.
dkv March 20, 2018
Please! I’d absolutely love it!!!
Nancy March 20, 2018
From one of the pioneers in this area, David Burke. Salmon pastrami, here served with potato pancakes. This makes the dish GF.
The pancakes can also be made from other vegetables, or the salmon served with a hearty rye bread.
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