How should I make this dough ahead and then stuff after Thanksgiving? I was hoping to freeze the dough in rolls, then thaw and stuff them but am...

...unsure at what step to freeze it

Rachel Winnik Yavinsky


Nancy November 6, 2018
Here's a variation on the rolling flat idea.
Let the dough go through first rise.
Divide in two. Roll each half flat (as large as your freezer or container allows). Wrap and freeze.
At Thanksgiving, defrost dough overnight in fridge.
Roll out each half to same dimensions (large round or rectangle).
Plop the spoonfuls of leftovers on one piece of dough, spaced as if you were making ravioli.
Place the second flat piece of dough over that dough-filling combo.
Cut rolls around the filling; pinch the edges closed (seal wit water if needed).
Let rise second time.
Xiam November 6, 2018
Because you'll need to open them up and stuff them, it may be easier to roll the dough into a sheet on parchment paper and roll it like the store bought pastry dough. That way, you can thaw/rise it faster and form your rolls when you stuff them.
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