Broccoli and cheese casserole can i just throw everything in the crock pot

Broccoli anc cheese casserole

Casey Ainsworth


Casey A. November 22, 2018
Really just transport and then keeping it warm when I get there
Smaug November 22, 2018
It seems highly unlikely- do you have a specific recipe in mind?
Casey A. November 22, 2018
Just broccoli and cheese and crackers on top...was gonna bake it first then crock pot it to take it to my aunts
Smaug November 22, 2018
You're really going to want a crisp top on that- I'm not clear if you're cooking it in the crockpot (which would turn the whole thing to mush) or just using it as a container for transport, but it should really be reheated in an oven.
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