Has anyone made challah rolls with this recipe. Any pictures or instructions on how to form and amount of dough per roll?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • December 5, 2018
My Great-Grandmother's Challah
Recipe question for: My Great-Grandmother's Challah


mbobden December 6, 2018
Nancy, thank you for all your advice. I like this shortcut idea if I am envisioning it correctly. You are saying to take the full batch of dough, divide into thirds, roll each into a long rope (not sure how thin/long would be a good benchmark), then braid the entire length, then cut into 12 or more sections. Each section is placed in a muffin cup. Is that it?
Nancy December 6, 2018
Glad to help.
Yes, you've got what I meant.
Not sure if you could make the whole batch of dough into one braid narrow or small enough to cut into rolls.
Might need to make two or three long braids and cut them into roll-sized portions.
You could bake them either in muffin cups or as vaguely rectangular mini challahs on a baking sheet.
Sounds like a special dinner...hope it all goes well.
Nancy December 6, 2018
4 rolls per cup of flour used (about 24 from recipe using 6c flour)
Or, about 50g dough for each (about 18 from a dough weighing 2 lb or 900g)

H2 FORM (all go through another rise after shaping, before baking).
* roll out in a coil, cut crosswise in even chunks, shape in rounds and put on baking sheet or in muffin tins (smash down or not, to taste)
* roll out dough, cut rounds with empty glass or cookie cutter 2-3" diameter (rinse & repeat until dough is used up)
* if you have great patience, form into individual 3-braided challah rolls.
* again, requiring patience & attention to detail, shape like brioche buns with a little head (brioches a tete):
Nancy December 6, 2018
PS Shortcut to make individual challah rolls.
Roll out & weave a long thin braid, then cut it in sizes suitable for an individual rolls.
Lay these on sheet pans for final rise and baking.
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