Which type of port is best suited for this recipe?

  • Posted by: Sauertea
  • December 19, 2018
Port Wine & Cheese Spread
Recipe question for: Port Wine & Cheese Spread


Miss_Karen December 20, 2018
Just a quick note:
Tawny ports have a more nutty taste & Ruby ports are more fruity...
Pegeen December 20, 2018
Hiya. Since you're only using 1/3 cup of port for the recipe as written, a typical white port, inexpensive, is fine. But if you're interested in also investing in a bottle to enjoy for after-dinner sipping in your great-grandmother's port glasses that could use a dusting off, you will want to do some homework online or talk to your local spirits store about tawny, rose and ruby ports which are the key grape/flavor profiles. Like wine or scotch, there are plenty of options from low to high in price point. But for this recipe, a small bottle of an inexpensive white port is just fine.

I love port wine cheese spread. Before the guests eat all of it, set some aside to use as a spread on the leftover ham sandwiches for the day after Christmas. With some fruity chutney swiped on the other piece of bread. omg.
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