Would these lose anything just served plain with the dressing on the side? Thinking it would make them easier finger food for a party that way...



Ttrockwood January 30, 2019
The potatoes are diced small enough i think it would make for awkward party food/finger food... like your fingers would get a lot lf dip on them because the potato chunk isn’t that big.
Nancy January 30, 2019
Yes but that dice cut was for a salad kind off dish, where the sauce was absorbed by the small potatoes.
For a party, maybe just cut then in long finger length strips and roast?
Nancy January 30, 2019
Should be perfectly fine.
May taste slightly different as the potatoes won't have absorbed the paprika mayo.
Kristen M. January 30, 2019
Agree! Sounds like another delicious way to serve them, just a little bit different.
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