Not sure if my question went through. Have an emergency, the potatoes have been par boiled and would like to hold off roasting them till tomorrow....

... Will this effect the crispness of the potatoes? Is it better to just finish them up and reheat tomorrow?

Pat Hampton


Jackie D. February 6, 2019
Definitely do NOT roast them and then refrigerate. Put them away parboiled and roast the day after. A parboiled or even totally boiled potato will always resuscitate and get crispy in the oven and also in a frying pan. Tried it many times.
Kristen M. February 3, 2019
Posting this answer here as well: Hi Pat, I'm sorry that this went unanswered and also sorry to say I haven't tried this myself, so I'm not sure how refrigerating between steps will work out—I think you'll still come out with something delicious, whichever way you decided to go.
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