Question about your rye shortbread recipe

Hi Emily – Thank you for your rye shortbread recipe! I think it came out nicely; however I need to make another batch and I was thinking about putting some mini chocolate chips in there. What do you think of that idea? Or should I just grind up some toasted almonds? Thanks for your suggestions on how to do some variations on a theme.

  • Posted by: Gail
  • June 1, 2019
Cinnamon and Rye Shortbread
Recipe question for: Cinnamon and Rye Shortbread


EmilyC June 1, 2019
Yes to mini chocolate chips! I love the flavors of rye flour + chocolate! I’ve done cocoa nibs in these shortbread too. Almonds or pistachios would be lovely, as well! Happy baking! : )
Gail June 1, 2019
Thank you, Emily! I would venture to guess that chocolate chips and roughly ground up almonds would be “too much”? Thanks for your help!
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