Banana bread tres leches + creme brulee topping

Is this possible???
I've tried banana bread tres leches and I've tried creme brulee. I know the appeal of creme brulee is the contrasting textures so I figured if the cake below the sugar crust is soft enough, it could be a similar mouth feel. Thoughts?

  • Posted by: j.etch
  • June 27, 2019


HalfPint June 27, 2019
I think it's possible if you make a creme brûlée that doesn't need to be baked. Nigella Lawson's creme brûlée is cooked on the stovetop and then poured into a frozen (ie. ice cold) pie plate and chilled until it is firm. I visualize that the tres leches part is made first then topped with the stovetop creme brûlée, after it has been chilled, or when it has cooled down to room temp (then you can pop the whole pan back into the fridge to properly chill. Then blow torch or broil the sugar for the crackling top before you serve.
Nancy June 27, 2019
If you're looking for banana flavor plus the crunch of burnt caramel, maybe consider a banana creme caramel...
Nancy June 27, 2019
Or banana creme brulee...
Lori T. June 27, 2019
I've never tried this with banana bread- but it might be possible to create the caramelized sugar topping on the bottom of the bread- similar to the way you make it for a pineapple upside down cake. Once it was flipped over, you could always sprinkle on more fine granulated sugar and give that a touch with the torch if you wanted a crispy finish. A banana bread would not have as much surface moisture as a custard, and I think that might be critical to being able to successfully pull off the sort of topping you are looking for.
tmcouts June 27, 2019
I agree with Liz about probably needing to add the crunchy glaze individually and right at service (blow torch perhaps). A crusty loaf might be difficult to cut. Your whole idea reminds me of an attempt of mine once to make banana bread pudding, and I had lots of ideas to boost the banana flavor. It turned out a soggy mess. Sometimes, simpler is better. But it is difficult to rein in creativity, to know when additional ingredients will just confuse and detract from a perfect balance of taste, appearance, texture, color, etc. Good luck with your project.
Liz D. June 27, 2019
I think it would be good; I think you're right, there would be a good contrast between the cake & the coating. I'd do it right before serving, maybe each serving individually? I think the sugar would soften upon standing
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