I have two different brands of refillable olive oil misters, where you pump the top and then spray a thin mist of the oil. In the process of refilling, I did something and now I get a stream of oil as opposed to a mist. I have completely taken apart both misters and cleaned thoroughly and tried everything I can think of to get these working properly, to no avail. Any suggestions (other than buy a new one)?

  • Posted by: terryslo
  • September 23, 2010


terryslo September 26, 2010
Thanks for your response....I tried 10 different levels of oil when trying to get it to work. I guess I was just a little compulsive. It must be time for a new one.
kyle_gene_brown September 23, 2010
Did you overfill them? I noticed this used to happen when I had too much oil in them and couldn't build up the pressure by pumping. Dump out half the oil and try again. Sadly, another problem is that the gaskets can wear out quite easily and won't hold in the pressure either -- I've never found a way to fix that. :(
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