Sherry Vinegar Substitute - Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar?

This is a long shot that I'll get an answer in time, because the broccoli is roasting in the oven right now & I'll be tossing it with the vinegar in 10 minutes. I know both are acceptable subs, but was wondering if anyone would recommend one over the other? I'm making this recipe:

Blissful Baker


Jean |. March 24, 2011
I don't always have sherry vinegar on hand, but I always have red wine vinegar and dry sherry; so I would use equal parts of those. I think that would give you a result pretty close to sherry vinegar.
Greenstuff March 23, 2011
I know you were fine, no matter what your choice. But if you get a chance, try some sherry vinegar. It's one of my main favorites.
Blissful B. March 23, 2011
You guys were quick on the draw. Thank you so much! Delicious Recipe, Arielle. I'd never had Marcona Almonds before. They're addictive! For every one I added to the Broccoli, I popped another in my mouth.
arielleclementine March 23, 2011
thanks for making my recipe! i think prettyPeas is right on the money- sherry vinegar is pretty mild, but not quite as sweet as balsamic- i think the combo would be pretty good! let us know how it turns out!
prettyPeas March 23, 2011
I'd go 50:50 on this one. To my taste sherry vinegar has some of that aged flavor, kind of like balsamic, but is also generally lighter bodied and somewhat brighter, like red wine. I've never tried it, though.
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