Rinsing grains of rice: When to do it? Why some recipes and not others? Worth the extra effort?



Lori T. August 11, 2019
Some of the reason you rinse rice is to influence the texture of the final product. All rice will be coated with a certain amount of rice starch, some as a result of simply rubbing the grains together in the bag during transport. If you want a creamy, sticky product- as for a risotto or pudding, then you would not rinse at all. On the other hand, if you have a long or medium grain rice you want to make a pilaf with, rinsing is very helpful. It's usually best to follow the directions in the recipe, which will help guide you to the intended result. If it calls for rinsing, then rinse. If your rice is particularly dusty out of the bag, then you might rinse and let it dry before using it. Just take care that rinsing doesn't become soaking- because that leads to soggy mush rice.
BerryBaby August 11, 2019
It depends on the variety of rice you are using. Read the rice package...if it states to rinse, then rinse. Some are specific and state not to rinse.
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