Has anyone tried making this recipe with all or part ground turkey? Thanks!

Oliver Clark's Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Oliver Clark's Meatloaf


PHIL September 24, 2019
I make meatloaf with turkey meat only (dark meat) I like it better.
dickensthedog September 18, 2019
Kristen, I love the idea of adding Worcestershire sauce - I used to be able to get a lighter version made especially for chicken and fish, but I haven't seen it recently. I have had to limit my love of all things onion recently though because of a medical issue :(
Kristen W. September 18, 2019
I agree with Grammy, and have a couple of additional thoughts. I generally like to add a little Worcester sauce (here maybe 1 TBSP?) to my meatloaf - esp with turkey - for seasoning and depth, and, depending on how big your onion is, I would considering upping the onion a bit, simply because I think turkey needs it more than beef, pork, or veal. That’s a matter of personal taste though, and the kind of thing that you can tweak according to your own preferences.
Gammy September 17, 2019
This recipe looks so good! I'm pretty sure you could substitute turkey meat for at least part of the ground meat, maybe up to about half the total amount. Ground turkey (or chicken) is usually a lot leaner than beef or pork, so I would look for ground thigh meat rather than breast meat. There is some added fat with the addition of mayonnaise, crème fraîche and the eggs, and the bread crumbs will also help keep moisture in the loaf. Enjoy!!
dickensthedog September 17, 2019
Thank you so much!!
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