Room temperature or Cold eggs?

I made this for NYE and it was so delicious! Mine didn’t rise as much as the one JP made and I’m wondering if the temperature of my eggs would have been the reason?
Cold from the fridge or room temp? What would be best for getting it to rise higher?

  • Posted by: Jeanean
  • January 2, 2020


Lori T. January 2, 2020
Traditionally, the French- like a lot of Europeans, don't refrigerate their eggs at all. So it's likely the eggs Pepin's mother used were room temperature to start with. And since these eggs won't be separated and used in the traditional manner, you need to whip in as much air as possible in the mixing process. That's easiest and best done with a room temperature egg, so let yours warm up a bit first.
Jeanean January 4, 2020
Thanks Lori. Will do with my next one.
boulangere January 5, 2020
A good trick to have up your sleeve when starting with cold eggs is to immerse them in a bowl of warm, not hot!, water for 5 minutes, then proceed.
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