Can this cake be made with olive oil instead of butter? If so, what would be the correct oil amount?

  • Posted by: TRS
  • February 10, 2020


Nancy February 11, 2020
Maybe use 92 ml or 6 tbsp of olive oil to reflect butter's fat content (about 80% in USA stores).
Happygoin February 11, 2020
I find your reply interesting, Nancy. I was thinking of the liquid necessary in the recipe, and you're thinking of the fat. Hmm. I hope TRS comes back after making the cake and lets us know how it comes out. :)
Nancy February 11, 2020
Happygoin...I was thinking of both. Meant to add that you can use some other liquid to make up the last 2 tbsp. Water, fruit juice, wine, etc.
Happygoin February 10, 2020
I’d consider using light olive oil. It’s not lighter in fat, it’s lighter in flavor. Otherwise, you may find the olive oil flavor more pronounced than you’d like.

I’d use the same amount of olive oil as stick of butter is a half cup.
Kristen M. February 10, 2020
I think it should work since the butter is melted and not needed for structure, but you'll want to make sure you like the flavor of the olive oil. Let us know how it goes!
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