Love this recipe but want to omit the sugar?

Is the sugar in this recipe vital to the outcome of the finished product or can it be omitted for a few tablespoons of sugar instead? If so will that change the amount of flour and or butter needed?

  • Posted by: Hbhbhb
  • April 23, 2020
Recipe question for: Cornbread


Emma L. April 24, 2020
Hi there! I wouldn't recommend reducing the sugar by more than a half or a third—this is a northeastern-style cornbread recipe, so the sugar helps keep it tender and moist. That said, if you'd like to reduce the sugar further, this is another great recipe that calls for no sugar: (Note: The Cracklin' Cornbread should be eaten soon after it's baked, while Our Best Cornbread holds up for a couple days.)
Nancy April 24, 2020
Generally agree about avoiding drastic sugar cuts and defer to you as recipe developer.
Nancy April 24, 2020
Yes you can severely reduce or even omit the amount of sugar recommended in this recipe. (There are plently of savory or low-sugar corn breads out there.)
The sugar here does not, as in some dessert recipes, figure prominently in the structure. But the flour and butter do, so leave them as written.
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