My oven quit working today. Can’t be fixed before Thansksgiving. Has anyone cooked a turkey breast on the stovetop in a Dutch oven?

Dorothea Hayes


Osfan68 November 26, 2020
Happened to us ask a neighbor.Maybe someone might not be using theirs.
Holly S. November 25, 2020
Chiming in with one wild card idea: the BBQ!
Nancy November 25, 2020
Agree with the Dutch oven stovetop suggestions.
Another not-oven way to cook the turkey breast might be in a free-standing appliance...air fryer, instant pot or the like.
Claire C. November 24, 2020
Wow, what terrible timing! But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention! While this recipe ( calls for chicken, not turkey, you might try a similar technical approach. You can and should brown the skin first, but you'll need to add some braising liquid to ensure the turkey doesn't dry out. Instead of transferring it to the oven, keep it on the stove, following the instructions about cooking times. For more traditional flavors, you could try nestling it in a bed of root vegetables and some broth. Good luck!
Jacob P. November 24, 2020
Hi Dorothea,

I'm so sorry to hear about your oven! Good thinking on using a Dutch Oven, way to think creatively in a situation that sounds stressful!
If doing this, I would recommend searing the turkey breast, removing it, and then adding about a cup of flavorful cooking liquid to the pot (think wine, stock, or a mixture of both). This will keep the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan and ensure that it stays nice and moist. I think that the tight seal of a Dutch Oven will make for a very tender and flavorful bird! You won't get a crispy skin, but you will get a pot that is completely ready to make an awesome gravy :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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