Freezing leftovers, will the potatoes turn to mush?

Will freezing this recipe that contains potatoes ruin the potatoes? I was thinking that it would turn them to mush when defrosted. Please tell me I am wrong, because I am dying to try this recipe. I am the queen of cooking large batches and freezing containers for when I am too busy to cook fresh, and for friends that I might not get to see for a few weeks.

Toni Ospitale Brackeen


Gammy February 18, 2021
Agree with Nancy, the potatoes will not be inedible, they will just have changed in texture, to a more mealy consistency. I make a Brunswick Stew that similar to your Chicken Stew and always freeze at least half for later meals. I notice the texture change, but no one eating the frozen stew has ever mentioned anything to me. Why don't you experiment to see what you think?
Toni O. February 18, 2021
Also a great idea! Thanks!!
Nancy February 18, 2021
Toni - you're right to worry that the potatoes (as any boiled or in a stew) won't defrost well. Instead, there are options.
Or: Just omit the potatoes from the stew, freeze, and eat without them once defrosted.
Or: Omit the potatoes from the stew when cooked & frozen, then boil some and add when you defrost and warm it up.
Or: Omit the potatoes from the stew when cooked & frozen, give with separate packages of another frozen starch (flour dumpling, matzo ball, polenta in squares or sticks, bread for putting under the grill) for use when you defrost the stew. Maybe even blocks of mashed potatoes, which freeze better than boiled ones.
Good luck.
Toni O. February 18, 2021
Thank you, all great ideas!!
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