What do you do with the oats? It is left out of the directions.

I see oatmeal is listed as an ingredient but not mentioned in any of the directions. How do you use it? Do you add it with the flour to the food processor?

Breakfast rolls
Recipe question for: Breakfast rolls


Priya S. November 9, 2021
Hi thank you. Sorry I left to mention it in instructions.
Have edited the recipe to include oats along with other dry ingredients in to the food processor
Nancy November 9, 2021
Yes, adding and grinding the oats with the other dries in the food processor is one good place in the recipe to add them.
Another might be to add them to the warmed milk-honey-butter mixture for a few minutes (to soften) before mixing that wet with the dries.
Here's a similar recipe if you want to compare how another cook/blogger deals with the oats.
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