Lemon juice white vinegar substitute

I’m out of white vinegar - could fresh lemon juice be used here? https://www.seriouseats...

  • Posted by: bellly
  • November 28, 2021


AntoniaJames November 28, 2021
Yes, lemon juice certainly can be used here. Both add brightness to the sauce, which will have a more lemony flavor - but given that there’d only be a tablespoon, it won’t overwhelm. For this dish, the substitution should work just fine. ;o)
bellly November 28, 2021
Thank you. Sorry I should’ve specified, would fresh lemon juice be fine for the chicken rub part too?
AntoniaJames November 28, 2021
Yes!! ;o)
bellly November 28, 2021
Okay thank you. It looks like the lemon juice is beginning to burn, so I transferred the chicken to a baking sheet liked with parchment paper
bellly November 28, 2021
lined with*
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