Favorite summer pasta dish that is more veggies than pasta and would go well

well with an alternative pasta such as rice or cassava pasta?

Stephanie G


MMH August 4, 2022
You can take any dish you like & add in more veggies & limit the pasta.

Another trick which I love is to substitute zucchini ribbons for pasta.

My ultimate summer favorite is caprese pasta & again, you can use as little or as much pasta as you like & allow the summer tomatoes to stand out.
Nancy August 4, 2022
Almost any summer vegetable as it comes in season.
Dishes from south of France, Sicily or Italy that can be served hot, room temperature or chilled.
Also any composed salad you like but omitting the carbohydrates that may have been in the original.
Last, you can use fresh vegetables (with a vinaigrette and treat the dish as a salad) or roasted ones (with an appropriate sauce or possible cheese garnish).
Dishes for ideas: ratatouille, caponata, tapenade, salade nicoise, pasta con le sarde.
Cuisines in other temperate areas will also have appropriate dishes.

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