Used 2 egg yolks instead of 2 whole eggs in a cheesecake - how bad is it?

The yolks were set aside for another recipe - I got distracted and mixed them up. Unfortunately, I don't have all of the ingredients on hand (or time) to start over. Any ideas on how it might turn out? Can I still serve it?



Lori T. November 12, 2022
Eggs work in a cheesecake mixture to help hold things together and set up, much as they do in custards and puddings. The yolks bring fat to the table, the whites bring protein - so together they will help the cheesecake become smoother and firm up. Yours may end up a little less firm, and perhaps a little less smooth- and it might be a bit denser, but I expect it will still be quite tasty. I'd go ahead and chill it overnight, and check it after it's had time to fully cool and set up. Even if it does fail to hold a wedge shape, serve it up in a bowl with a nice topping- cherry or other fruit perhaps, and call it a deconstructed cheesecake dessert. Nobody needs to be any wiser.
Ally102022 November 13, 2022
Thanks! Its a little crumbly and flat, but still tastes good and dressing it up is a perfect solution.
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