Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Recipe

Okay, I can already imagine the eye rolls and groans from purists, but I can’t worry about it.
I have a bag of Pepp Farms seasoned cornbread cubes and I want an easy recipe for stuffing other than the one on the bag. I have low sodium chick broth, dried cranberries, a box of baby Bella mushrooms, walnuts, and an onion. Also eggs(which confuses me bec some recipes call for them. Why?) And where can anyone buy ONE STALK OF CELERY???
So does anyone have a recipe with these ingredients (I can omit some if necessary) to share?
Thanks for your help, and have a great holiday!

  • Posted by: barb48
  • November 22, 2022


Gammy November 23, 2022
I always try to keep a bag or box of Pepp Farm stuffing mix in my pantry as a last minute addition to dinner during the year. Think you are good to go with what you have on hand as additions. My only suggestion would be to check the recipe on the bag to make sure they call for LS chicken broth as the stuffing mix already contains quite a bit of sodium. The celery for me is an all-but-given ingredient and like carrots, I almost always have a bunch in my fridge. Check with your neighbors/friends.... my bet is someone nearby has some to share! Enjoy!
Nancy November 22, 2022
Don’t worry about eye-rolling. I respect shortcuts and using up what you like/have on hand.
But haven’t done this in a while.
Think of stuffing as a savoury bread pudding - all you need is the bread, some broth or other liquid, some fat, a couple eggs (to help hold it all together). Optional, for more flavour, onions, dried fruit, nuts,
If you want more ideas, web search or YouTube has many recipes.
Nancy November 22, 2022
And for more ideas, here's a link to recipes using the Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix.
Nancy November 23, 2022
Last note - just discovered a video at NYT cooking that makes and compares 20 different stuffings (2 boxed versions, 18 from scratch).
Reported by Eric Kim, who used to write at food52.
Fun for ideas, but maybe an overload this late.
barb48 November 22, 2022
This is for a side dish.
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