What is "bite size" when processing the malt balls and pretzels?

Malt balls are already bite size. What size are we aiming for? 1/4"? 1/2"?



Lori T. December 4, 2022
Generally speaking, I consider something bite size when it can be put in my mouth and chewed in one go- without having to chomp off a part, and leave part in my hand. Otherwise, it's a two bit item, and I consider that more a nibble than bite. Kind of nitpicking, huh? Bitesize is sort of subjective, I guess. However, these are stir ins for cookies, and I should think the size would need to be pea size or slightly bigger to avoid problems. A few pulses in the food processor, a few passes of the knife, just to reduce it to a size which you can chew without having to open your mouth wide enough for a a dental procedure on the molars.
BarbaraTheCook December 4, 2022
Perfect. Very helpful. Thank you!
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