I have a leftover sheet of puff pastry. What's your favorite recipe?

Blissful Baker


Shuna L. July 13, 2011
preheat oven to 375F. place puff sheet on silpat lined half sheetpan. brush sheet pf puff pastry with melted butter & sprinkle generously/evenly with sugar. brush another silpat with butter and lay butter side down onto sugared puff pastry. "sandwich" sugared puff with 2-3 sheetpans on top, to weigh it down. bake at high heat, setting your "first 'look-see'" timer for 15 minutes. bake until top caramelizes and puff is baked through. serve in hand-broken shards with fresh fruit & chantilly. mmmmcaramelized puff!
garammasala June 14, 2011
You can make savoury palmiers with parma ham and gruyere cheese so morish you will have to buy more puff pastry
Droplet June 14, 2011
I was going to mention palmiers too. A pot pie would be another option.
Heena June 13, 2011
Mustard Batons from Dorie Greenspan:
Simple and addictive.

I also have an Editor-tested recipe here for free-form Tomato Galettes, but the same principal can be applied and adapted - use pesto/mustard/chocolate/nutella as a base; tomatoes/roasted peppers/apples/pears/nuts as a topping - of course, not all at the same time : )
ChefJune June 13, 2011
Me too, Summer of Eggplant! And here's my recipe:

Summer O. June 13, 2011
I use it for pissaladiere.
ATG117 June 12, 2011
so versatile...you can make a quick tomatoe tart, especially great this time of year given the bounty of excellent tomatoes at the farmers market. Or, you might use a similar technique but go sweet instead. How about spreading some nutella or good preserves and topping wth berries.
Blissful B. June 12, 2011
As usual, you guys rock! Choosing will now be the hard part....
babytiger June 12, 2011
Palmier is easy and great.

Also, puff pastry is great for making quick handpies using leftovers. Just make sure whatever filling you use aren't very wet or saucy. Colcannon, roasted vegetables and curries are some good choices.
boulangere June 12, 2011
I love the savory (and hot - me and heat - add some red pepper flakes) cheese straws. I could eat a bucketful.
sdebrango June 12, 2011
It all sounds delicious, you might have to get more puff pastry!
Stephanie G. June 12, 2011
I would roll that up into a chocolate roll quick! Just make yourself some little crossiant looking rolls by encasing some yummy 70% chocolate in the pastry. Bake and feast!
kmjesson June 12, 2011
Mmmm..cinnamon pecan rolls! ( In a bowl, mix butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisin and pecan and put 1 Tbsp in each of 6 muffin cups. Coat the pastry sheet in butter, then cover one side in brown sugar and cinnamon. Slice into 6 pieces.Put the sliced rolls on top of butter mixture and bake.) Or artichoke spinach swirls, easy and delicious!
Cheffrey June 12, 2011
I like to take some Riesling macerated strawberries, a little fresh thyme, and some Chevre and fold them up into small tarts and then brush them with cinnamon ginger butter and bake them. Then drizzle with a little warm honey and you've got a perfect dessert.
hardlikearmour June 12, 2011
I love making cheese straws, and typically use the Cooks Illustrated recipe. If you're interested I can e-mail it to you.
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