I want to grill!

I would much prefer to grill in August then turn on my oven, can someone help me with more specific grilling directions. Temperature? How long to cook on each side? I assume the baking sheet would not be used on the grill? I'm more of a baker but trying to master the bbq, please help!

Sugar Steak with Bourbon
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Memphis W. June 28, 2014
Ever thought of using a Memphis Grill? These grills (http://memphisgrills.com/) are fueled by wood pellets and besides functioning as a standard grill, they also work as a smoker and oven. So instead of turning on your oven in the summer or trying to figure out how to maintain proper cooking temps on a grill, you would just let the Memphis do the work :)
Eydie D. August 14, 2011
Grilling is definitely a different animal than "indoor" cooking, and just as satisfying, if not more! There are many ways and varying temperatures to cook almost everything on the grill. For example, I've grilled spatchcoked chicken (backbone removed and flattened) at a high temperature for a short period of time and have been rewarded with a delicious, succulent bird. I've also grilled it over very low temperature for a long time with wonderful, yet different results. You can "sear" thinner cuts of meats, fish and veggies at a high temperature, but again, over live fire with smoking chips, you can go lower and slower. Definitely pick up a cookbook and go on-line for inspiration and tips. It's good to get a recipe that has been tried by many different cooks who write about their trials and tribulations. It's a way to get started and be insured of good success. Practice makes perfect...okay, not perfect, but definitely more comfortable and confident. Go for it and have fun!
Traegerfanatic August 14, 2011
Both flank and skirt steaks beg to be grilled, over the highest hear that you can crank up. My gas grill tops out about 575 degrees and a flank steak will come off medium rare at about 2 1/2 minutes per side. Skirt steaks get about 2 minutes for the same. And yes, I love a grilled whole wheat pizza.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 14, 2011
I would suggest going to the library and aquainting yourself with some grilling cookbooks or going to the bookstore and online. I use grill mesh saute pan for veggies, skewers, and some other kitchen "pans" and pots on the grill. I have a gas grill, btw. If you're a baker, try a home-made pizza. So many variables and possibilitries, but without knowing what you exactly you want to try out and the grill you have is hard to answer.
aargersi August 14, 2011
Depends what you are grilling - in general, chicken and pork go on a low setting for a longer time. Mr L sears the heck out of steaks on high heat - 2" thick prime ribeye is his steak of choice - they come out with a great crust and medium rare. Veggies - lower heat as well. And no-stick spray for grilling is your friend.
Summer O. August 14, 2011
I would refer to any of Steve Raichlen's books for learning how to grill.
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