best trick to keep from overcooking skinless chicken breasts?? Baking? How long?

Euro Kat


Euro K. August 25, 2011
Chef Krull, you rock!!! I definitely will try this next time and to pierino: there's a video if him using the butter in this site but I cannot pretend I know when it was taken. He's VEGAN now? WOW.
Chef K. August 24, 2011
Use a thick pan. Sear the chicken til golden on both sides and put the entire pan into a hot oven. Check in about 3 or 4 minutes. Use an instant read thermometer, and pull the chicken between 135 and 140 degrees. Let it rest for a few minutes before cutting. You will see that it's cooked, and it'll be the moistest chicken you ever ate.
pierino August 24, 2011
I seriously doubt that Bittman uses tons of butter in anything anymore as he's gone to Planet Vegan and it's kind of annoying.
Euro K. August 24, 2011
thanks so much for helping me out of a jam, hardlikearmour. I will try that. I saw Mark Bittman using tons of butter to stuff them with, which I'm sure works, too, but I wanted something less fatty.
pierino August 24, 2011
I'm sorry but I've never seen the point of skinless chicken breasts. Chicken fat is good for you, but never mind. Depending on how you are using the chicken breasts you can typically remove it before serving. And you are paying extra to have someone do that for you ahead of time. I don't know what it is that you want to cook but a slow braise, for say cacciatore style, you can do on your cook top. They'll be moist anyway. Baking skinless breasts is almost a promise that they'll end up dry.
hardlikearmour August 24, 2011
Brine them first, which gives a bit of a buffer against over-cooking. Use an instant read thermometer (or an leave in digital one) to check the temp at the fattest part of the breast, and pull it out at 165º F. If you have to temp check more than once, use a different hole for the thermometer.
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