Dried chamomile flowers in a recipe?

In a rush, I grabbed a container of them instead of my harmony garden tea. I don't drink chamomile tea, so are there any recipes out there I can incorporate them into? They are good quality and I don't want them to go to waste.



Anitalectric September 27, 2011
I loooove all these ideas. Delicious. Thanks, team. Your suggestions have broadened my perspective on what can be done with them.
KingKelsey September 27, 2011
You can use it to infuse alcohol with. It makes awesome cocktails. I recommend it in combination with any tea-blend spices. But be sure to pick something that won't completely wipe out the flavors...
hardlikearmour September 27, 2011
What if you also got some lavender flowers, citrus peel, dried mint, lemongrass, etc.... and made a tea blend for yourself to drink or to give as gifts? I found a chamomile creme anglais recipe on Epicurious, but don't think it's very vegan friendly.
SKK September 27, 2011
http://www.roostblog.com/roost/celebrating-three-years-chamomile-honey-almond-meal-muffins.html This does use eggs, though. http://sweetbeetandgreenbean.net/2010/02/27/grapefruit-and-mandarin-oranges-in-chamomile-jelly/ this recipe is vegan and it looks so good!
aargersi September 27, 2011
Hmm - it's such a nice floral tea, what about making it and using it as the liquid to make rice - I did that with my Tea Rice but I used Earl Grey. Or you could make a tea and honey panna cotta, or ... tea poached pears? I will keep thinking.
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