Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta.

Sfoglini’s 100% organic Brooklyn-made pastas puts grocery store boxes to shame—with unique flavors made from locally-sourced ingredients. If you’re like us, the week isn’t complete without at least one or two hearty pasta meals, so Sfoglini’s pasta subscription keeps our pantry stocked and our cooking interesting. Each month for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, you’ll get one box of their signature pasta and one box of a seasonal variety. You might get fennel in October, chili pepper in August, or ramp in May—you’ll have to wait and see! You’ll also get recipes and pairing suggestions from a well-known chef in each shipment. It’s the perfect gift for that fusili fiend in your life.

Each monthly shipment includes two 16 oz. boxes of pasta, recipe cards, and a monthly letter.