14 Summer Refreshers

June 23, 2014

If you were stuck in a vast desert, what drink would you dream about?

Though this will (hopefully) never happen, sometimes your work commute can feel like a hot and endless journey, especially if public transportation is involved. Instead of focusing on the heat, imagine yourself making the perfect cool drink when you get home, and the trains will start to move faster. Then make said drink to reward yourself at the end of the day. We’ve rounded up 14 refreshing drinks -- alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike -- to help you create your own oasis amid the high temperatures.

Iced Tea Granita by Anna May

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Iced Tea Granita on Food52

Louisa Shafia's Watermelon, Mint, and Cider Vinegar Tonic by Genius Recipes

Vinegar Tonic on Food52

Red Sangria by Kenzi Wilbur

Sangria on Food52

Watermelonade by Merrill Stubbs

Watermelonade on Food52

Mint Julep by Erik Lombardo

Mint Julep on Food52

Orange Ginger Mint Sodas by gr8chefmb

Orange Ginger Mint Sodas on Food52

Strawberry Juice and a Champagne Cocktail by Merrill Stubbs

Strawberry Juice and Cocktail on Food52

Grapefruit Tarragon Gin and Tonic by mrslarkin

Gin and Tonic on Food52

Sparkling Rhubarb Lemonade by TheRunawaySpoon

Lemonade on Food52

Michelada (aka Bloody Beer) by TheFlyingFoodie

Michelada on Food52

The Firlock by Katie Bernstein

The Firlock on Food52

Mint Iced Tea by Merrill Stubbs

Mint Iced Tea on Food52

Gin Spritz by erinmcdowell

Gin Spritz on Food52

The Gin Hound by JRDsquared

Gin Hound on Food52

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