More Uses for an Ice Cube Tray

July  5, 2014

There are so many great conversations on the Hotline -- it's hard to choose a favorite. But we'll be doing it, once a week, to spread the wealth of our community's knowledge -- and to keep the conversation going.

Today: Meet an unlikely contender for your kitchen's true jack of all trades. 

Ice Cube Trays

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Ice cube trays exist in the strange limbo between specialty kitchen tool and everyday staple. Basic trays can be picked up for less than the price of a cocktail, but we still feel guilty spending our pocket change on a product that we assume only serves one purpose (especially when that purpose is as mundane as freezing water). 

A seasoned Food52er, AntoniaJames has collected an impressive amount of creative uses for her ice cube trays. Determined to leave no tray unfilled, she turned to the Hotline for more ideas. From curry paste to coffee, the community has a number of clever suggestions for cubing anything and everything.

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Curry Paste  Homemade Curry Paste

  • AntoniaJames whips up a batch of an aromatic paste -- such as curry, red bean, or massa de pimentão -- and freezes it in cubes to give a boost to quick dinners, leftovers, and sauces.
  • In addition to these pastes, she makes and freezes various flavored simple syrups for last minute parties. While great in cocktails, these syrups can also double as dressings for fruit salads. 
  • ATL freezes cubes of coffee and tea to combat watered-down iced drinks. 

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Frozen Tomato Paste

  • Strawberrygirl preserves batches of homemade tomato paste for a taste of summer all year long. 
  • Specialty milks like buttermilk, coconut milkcondensed milk, and evaporated milk add great flavor to breads, pancakes, and dressings. Since many recipes only call for a small amount, Nancy freezes the remainder in her ice cube trays: "Once you know your ice cube's volume, you can easily figure out how many to use for, say, half a cup of buttermilk."

Olive Oil and Herb Ice Cubes  Pesto

  • Leftover herbs? Don't let those pricey sprigs go to waste. Purée them with olive oil, then freeze in trays for year-round use as inpatskitchen does. 
  • If you're left with a variety of herbs, take a cue from maimai50 and add in some nuts and cheese for a freezer-ready pesto.

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Curry paste photos by Megan Scott, all other photos by James Ransom

Tell us: What are your most creative uses for an ice cube tray?

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Donna C. July 27, 2014
I love my white wine well chilled, but it soon warms up in the summer, so I freeze green grapes and add them to my white wine, keeps it cold longer and makes for a great boozie snack after you've finished the wine!
Brittany M. July 6, 2014
In Love with this!

Gibson2011 July 6, 2014
Baby food! So super helpful to be able to thaw a few cubes, especially during the transition to more solid foods.
Panfusine July 6, 2014
I use these ice trays to make steamed south Indian Idlies, they're perfect for packing into lunch boxes, especiaaly while travelling!