Get Stuffed—on All the Thanksgiving Stuffing Tips You Need

November 20, 2015

Bread, vegetables, stock, and salt—the start of stuffing sounds simple, but there are so many ways it could go (cornbread, white bread, veg, meaty, good, bad). So we've rounded up our best stuffing tips, a few stock primers, and some alternative stuffing ideas to make sure you (and your guests!) get stuffed in the best way possible.Bring your A-game to the Thanksgiving table this year—this is not the time for soggy stuffing.

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Tips & Tricks

Stuffing can be pretty straightforward, but there's always room to learn. Here, learn to make a stuffing without a recipe, find out how to stale up bread before the big event, get some tips from the pros (and by pros I mean us), and never goof up a stuffing again.

Stock-ing Up

Stock, after bread, is the most important part of your stuffing! Make sure you check these articles before you pick up any ol' box of stock at the supermarket so you know how to choose the right pre-made vegetable stock, and—if you're feeling handy—how to make your own chicken or vegetable stock (without recipes)!

Alternative Stuffing

Want to create all-new traditions this year? Start with your stuffing! Make a kelp (yes, kelp!) stock, consider a grape and goat cheese stuffing that will make even the stuffiest of anti-stuffingers happy, try a gluten-free stuffing, and find out how you can use brussels sprouts to make a crispy, crusty stuffing everyone with be asking for seconds (and thirds!) of.

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