Weeknight Cooking

Our Editors' Go-To Weeknight Dinners

December 16, 2015

When it's seven o'clock (or eight, or nine...) on a weeknight, dinner has to meet a certain set of criteria: It has to be quick, it shouldn't require too many ingredients, and it should be simple enough to memorize after you've made it twice.

To meet these requirements, we turn to an equally short set of strategies: Avoid cooking meat (unless its cooking time is 30 minutes or less), when in doubt, turn to eggs, and keep a list of your go-to recipes so you don't have to dig them out every night.

For this final strategy, we have collections. Here are a few of our editorial teams' weeknight collections to inspire your own (and maybe even dinner tonight!):

Healthy Fast Food by Sarah Jampel

dinner by Caroline Lange

Breakfast for Dinner by Kristen Miglore

Go-To Weeknight Recipes by Leslie Stephens

Vegetarian Dishes with Lots of Protein by Ali Slagle

Share your own collections—or tell us you usually make!—in the comments.

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