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15 Recipes We Made Over and Over (and Over) Again This Year

December 22, 2015
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A New Way to Dinner, co-authored by Food52's founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, is an indispensable playbook for stress-free meal-planning (hint: cook foundational dishes on the weekend and mix and match ‘em through the week).

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    Rose Levy Beranbaum
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    Brian Carter
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alidee06 December 30, 2015
I have made Marcella Hazan's sauce with onion and butter more times than I can count! And the Salted Double Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies by Phyllis Grant are incredible!! ohhh and olive oil cake. yes!
Marilyn December 29, 2015
I have eaten that bagel/egg every day since I read the recipe. It works great with gluten free bagel, too, as well with a combo of butter and olive oil spray. I fry the torn pieces of bread from the hole alongside the egg, and they are yummy, too.
Ruthan December 29, 2015
Theme: sautée garlic/other spices, add tomato something from a can, add eggs or beans. Sometimes it's shakshuka, sometimes it's curry chickpeas, sometimes it's just an egg poached in tomato sauce.
Rose L. December 29, 2015
so proud to see my Baking Bible here! love you too!!!
Brian C. December 28, 2015
Califlower pizza crust. So darn good.
Jennifer Z. December 27, 2015
Our go-to quick and delicious dinner this year has been cooked quinoa with pesto on a bed of arugula, topped with poached eggs. It takes less than 15 minutes to make and it's sooo good. And healthy! Great with a garnish of freshly grated parmesan.
Dayn R. December 27, 2015
Being a vegetarian and having two great, wonderful young girls in the house that try my crazy dishes from time to time I am truly amazed - in awe truly - that most of these dishes are veg-head. Keep up the great work. I know not everyone is, nor wants to be, vegetarian but I love this site showcases so many ways to cook veggies in so many great ways. I've been a vegetarian for 32 years and it does tend to get boring if you don't know what/how to cook. Here's to a great 2016!!!!
btglenn December 27, 2015
I do fried egg sandwiches as a favorite for lunch. Another standby is spicy chicken drums: I do a mix of minced garlic, hot sauce, coriander power, sumac and smoked paprika mix with salt, pepper and some olive oil to make a paste. I put this under the skin of the drumsticks and let them sit for at least an hour before roasting, I finish under the broiler to crisp the skin. Also Ratatouille. I made a large pot of it and serve as a vegetable or as a pasta sauce. I also do a sort of casserole with it -- a base of polenta topped with the ratatouille and a sprinkle of cheese on top and baked to bubbly.
Marilyn R. December 27, 2015
Eggplant Parm by Nancy Jo, Sausage Lentil soup, and Hot and Sour soup, are probably our most served recipies. Anytime I'm looking for an interesting way to use a particular ingredient, Food 52 is my go to. Keep up the great work. Happy 2016 to all!
Lee A. December 27, 2015
I make one-pot pasta (homemade variations on Hamburger Helper, really) fairly regularly. When it comes to Food 52 recipes, Aretha Frankenstein's Waffles of Insane Greatness are a huge hit around here.
Danielle December 27, 2015
Those egg and avocado tacos were such a treat for me this year. So easy and so f-ing good. Wish I could convince the bf they are enough for dinner, but I am very happy with them. Love adding a bit of sharp cheddar to the eggs too.
Lynn December 27, 2015
Avocado pasta has been my crave-worthy dish - http://food52.com/recipes/12362-creamy-avocado-pasta. Add in a bit of bacon (because bacon!) and sprinkle on some toasted breadcrumbs (browned in bacon grease or butter) for texture. Yum!
Darci M. December 27, 2015
Chicken Piccata was my "go-to" for entertaining (although I updated the recipe with roasted artichoke hearts and a pinch of crushed red pepper). I also made roasted figs topped with goats cheese and drizzled with lavender honey many times as well. 2015 was a great food year!
Donald F. December 27, 2015
The soy sauce eggs taste fantastic; however, they gave me a headache. So I switched out the red wine vinegar with white wine vinegar and I'm enjoying these even more.
QueenieFrancie December 27, 2015
Sautéed broccoli in olive oil, pepperoncini, garlic cloves, salt, pepper & additional olive oil to dress. I cook the broccoli over very high heat once it's tender and toss like crazy in the pan to char it slightly. Then I add hands full of pillowy shredded Locatelli. It all melts together and is absolutely delicious in its own, over rice, macaroni, as a side with an omelette.
Jeannine D. December 27, 2015
Brooklyn Semifreddo! Love it! Always one in the freezer!
DaniMama December 23, 2015
We make Food 52's Mujaddara with spiced yogurt all the time.
Mani December 23, 2015
I made that one several times too.
isdinnerready December 23, 2015
Not much meat!
JaniceB December 22, 2015
I make the one pot kale and quinoa pilaf at least once a month. In fact, I made it on Sunday and will be digging in tonight for dinner!
Ali W. December 22, 2015
I've made so many of these recipes time and again. Glad we're on the same page ;)