Alice Medrich

How Alice Medrich Turns Leftovers into Dessert

January 18, 2016

We talk on and on and on (lasagna minestrone!) about how to turn leftovers into dinner. That's great and all... but what about dessert?

Alice Medrich has our back on this one. She's been transforming leftover ingredients (beer, yogurt, egg whites) and leftover desserts themselves (cookies, pastries)—into brand new treats all along.

Here's a look back at her best ideas for your leftovers. Because after all that stew, you'll need something sweet.

Leftover plain or Greek yogurt

You made this lentil salad and now you want to finish off the tub.

Leftover citrus peel

Maybe from that pomelo you just spent 45 minutes peeling?

Leftover olive oil

Maybe it's unlikely you have leftover olive oil, but you should invest in a bottle for baking's sake!

Leftover wine or beer

Though some of you claim that this never exists...

Leftover (or staling!) bread

Hey, it happens.

Leftover canned pumpkin

Because pumpkin pie season was so two months ago.

Leftover Christmas cookies

It's been almost a month—it's really time to part ways!

Leftover pastries

In the rare event of leftover pastries, do something great with them.

Leftover egg whites

So you made crème brûlée pie. Now what?

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