5 Citrus Fruits to Brighten Your Days

January  6, 2017

Whether you’re still trying to unbury yourself from two feet of snow or are just trying to come to terms with the umpteenth grey day in a row, citrus fruits are here for you. The dreariness outside is abated—at least a little bit—by their bright pops of color and vibrant flavors.

We’ll be eating our fair share of oranges, limes, and these 5 other types of citrus, too, until the first signs of spring:

1) Pomelos:

Can a batch of marmalade to enjoy for months to come.

2) Lemons:

Warm up with a bowlful of lemony soup.

3) Buddha's Hand:

Zest these and sprinkle with reckless abandon.

4) Oroblancos:

Juice them, and enjoy straight up or in a cocktail.

5) Finger Limes:

Use the pulp in a vinaigrette for a burst of flavor with every bite.

Tell us: What are your favorite ways to use citrus fruits?

This story originally ran in 2016—we're bringing back an updated version of it today to brighten grey winter days.

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rayva January 31, 2016
Does anyone have a recipe using bergamot fruit. It smells amazing I was thinking for vinaigrette, cocktail and zest...
Lindsay-Jean H. February 1, 2016
This question just came up on the Hotline! You might get a few ideas from the thread:
Emily |. February 1, 2016 This is my ice cream with bergamot infused olive oil. To make your own infused oil, use a vegetable peeler to get the zest off of your bergamot in big wide strips (just the colored part, not the white pith). Gently heat about 1-2c olive oil in a saucepot until just a few bubbles form, then remove from the heat and stir in the citrus peel. Let steep for about 30 minutes before removing the peel.