Our Hotline MVP of the Month

February 28, 2016

Every month we choose a Food52er to thank for his or her generous help and guidance on the Hotline, and we're excited to announce that February's Hotline MVP is pierino.

Pierino has been a Food52er since the very beginning. He's adept at cooking without a recipe (in addition to the roast chicken article above, check out his guides to paella, burritos, and steak), but his extensive recipe collection shows he's just as comfortable with a recipe as without. Plus, his recipes'​ headnotes are sure to provide hours of entertainment if you've yet to experience them.

He is one of our resident experts on nose-to-tail cooking, so it's no surprise that we found him providing guidance on procuring lamb kidneys earlier this month. He has suggestions for hors d'ouevres as well as tips for making sure meatballs don't fall apart. And he's ready to help with everything from how to hold pork roast when it gets done earlier than expected to how to properly store stock.

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Congratulations to pierino and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline—the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

To thank our members for their dedication to helping out their fellow cooks, every month we’ll choose a Food52er whose activity on the Hotline has caught our eye, and treat him or her to a $25 gift certificate to our Shop. Want to boost your kitchen karma? We’re looking for enthusiastic participation throughout the month that is helpful, thoughtful, and considerate.

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sexyLAMBCHOPx February 29, 2016
luvcookbooks February 28, 2016
Cheers, Pierino! You're my hero!