5 Oscar-Nominated Movies, Recreated with Help from Our Shop

February 16, 2016

Communist Germany in the height of the Cold War. The wild, rugged American frontier. A makeshift camp on Mars. The worlds evoked in this year's Oscar-nominated films are so vivid we couldn't help but try to recreate them: The following collections are inspired by five of this year's Best Picture contenders and their settings. The nominees are...

1. The Big Short

In the film retelling of the 2008 financial crisis, over-the-top decadence doesn't last long. But before the Jenga tower comes crashing down, the Champagne was flowing, strip clubs were frequented, and helicopters were the new stretch limos. These days, just a little indulgence goes a long way:

2. Bridge of Spies

East Germany, 1960. An insurance lawyer played by Tom Hanks is negotiating the release of an American pilot in exchange for a Soviet spy. The mission takes him from one side of the Iron Curtain to the other, from stately Washington courtrooms to shadowy East Berlin. He was rarely short on drink, but could have used certain other provisions during his travels:

3. Brooklyn

Told from an Irish immigrant's perspective in the 1950s, Brooklyn celebrates what we still love about the borough: its ability to transform itself (and its residents) through the old and the new. Some Brooklyn-made classics:

More: How Brooklyn's history helps explain why it's now the center of the craft food movement.

4. The Martian

Trapped on Mars with little food or supplies, astronut Mark Watney must figure out how to grow his own food (namely, potatoes). Yet star Matt Damon admits his gardening skills are still "terrible." We've got you covered, Matt:

More about those potatoes, and other fun facts, from the novelist behind The Martian.

5. The Revenant

Hugh Glass, the fur trapper abandoned by his companions, definitely did not have hand warmers on his epic quest for revenge. He may have welcomed a few pieces from our collection—like when he was trapped in a cave, or had to subsist on raw fish, or slept in an animal carcass. Just to name a few.

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Annie Crabill

Written by: Annie Crabill