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Packing a Not Sad Desk Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

March 12, 2016

We've done our best to put an end to the Sad Desk Lunch. We've given you tips for planning ahead, packing and storing, and contingency plans for when you've had a morning. We've even taken our show on the road to inspire other New York offices.

But on the Hotline, Hallie has raised the bar. A grad student who can't make it home during the day, she needs advice for planning and executing Not Sad Desk Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners. As usual, our community saved the day with tips and recipe suggestions for anyone who needs to eat multiple meals on the go:


  • Caroline suggests overnight oatmeal. Check out this Not Recipe to learn how you can cook and sleep at the same time!
  • For a warming start to your day, ktr looks to baked oatmeal, which can be easily reheated in the microwave.
  • Michele finds granola—one that's full of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit—holds up well when packed in a jar. Bring along some yogurt, too!




  • Sometimes it's not just what you're eating—it's how you're eating it. To feel instantly more civilized, ktr suggests bringing along a cloth napkin.
  • Don't forget drinks! Bring along nice tea bags or a thermos of coffee, like ktr—and of course, lots of water.

Brimming with more ideas to make a day's worth of Not Sad Desk Meals? Tell us in the comments!

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Annie Crabill

Written by: Annie Crabill