17 Treats to Celebrate Making It to Tax Day

April 18, 2017

We originally ran this article on 2016's Tax Day, but it's that time of year again. Welcome back, gold leaf-garnished cake.

Now that you've spent enough quality time with your online tax program, accountant, or—power to you!—paper forms to last you until next April, it's time to celebrate! Why? Because submitting your taxes is no small feat, your tax return is en route, and rumor has it the IRS never audits treat-eaters (okay, we have no evidence to support this last claim, but we'll take any excuse to dive into some well-earned treats).

Go ahead and put gold flakes on your cake—that's what tax refunds are for. Photo by James Ransom

Here's what we recommend: Two cakes in honor of tracking down your W2, fifteen cookies for completing 2015 taxes, a serving of cheesy bread for every deductible receipt your tracked down, and a Champagne cocktail to toast to the return that's on its way (!!).

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Here are some treats to get you started:

What will you be, ahem, investing your tax return in? (Fancy imported olives? Us too.) Tell us in the comments.

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  • Susan
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    Carol Oddy
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I eat everything.


Susan April 16, 2016
Tried to click on all the links for the Champagne cake but not working. The batter, the ganache, etc. Tried a search too. no luck. Any advice?
AntoniaJames April 15, 2016
Federal taxes are due on Monday this year, in case anyone might find that fact helpful today (April 15). ;o)
Carol O. April 15, 2016
Already done my taxes...
Thesebmama April 15, 2016
I will be paying down my credit line. If you don't have that obligation, I recommend adding to your retirement fund. Not as exciting on your youth as gold on your cake, but very exciting when you get to give up working and live.
AntoniaJames April 15, 2016
Couldn't agree more. I actually love tax day because it's also the day that I top up my SEP-IRA to the max, which feels a thousand times better than having any item purchased from The Shop or baked treat or fancy dinner ever could. ;o)
Jovan April 15, 2016
I support making Tax Day a national food holiday.
cynthia April 15, 2016
And all costs for extravagant food should be tax deductible the following year!!!